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Hauraki Music Jury 7-22-5


Hey mates, 

Angie here from Hauraki's arvo show, hope you're faring well in the depths of Winter.

And now dear jurors, it's time again for you to get involved and let us know what tunes you're into, sick of, salivating over or gagging at.

We bloody appreciate you taking part and rating the tunes, it really helps us curate the best playlist for your listening pleasure... and 'coz we love you, we have another $300 petrol voucher to give away to one lucky punter. If you're lucky that might fuel the tank enough to get you to your nearest bakery for a good old fashioned min & chee. 

And please check out  our vid for Beer & Pie July - you'll see we've brought the lederhosen out in force and rustled up a couple of dodgy pilots, and we'll be sending one lucky winner to Munich for Oktoberfest cheers to Macs. Making that vid was great craic, albiet thirsty work... Check out our website and socials for more behind the scenes as they appear. 

Good luck, and in the wise words of one 'Ted' Theodore Logan:  Party on Dudes xx